Milo Bloom is #PURPLE4PRINCE

What words are there to describe the insurmountable beauty of this production?!

#PURPLE4PRINCE features an ensemble of mind blowing talent, but I am mainly excited due to the fact that a friend of mine, Gregory Fletcher (a.k.a. Milo Bloom) is featured in the performance!  I can’t say I’m surprised, considering he is gifted beyond belief, but that doesn’t make this any less exciting and great!  #PURPLE4PRINCE isn’t the only amazing project that Gregory a.k.a Milo Bloom has been apart of!  He was recently apart of a major Chobani campaign, and his EP, Selfish, is expected this summer!  He is a next-level talent, and it is incredibly humbling and empowering to watch him rise and succeed!

​#PURPLE4PRINCE was created by Michael Korte & Arranged By Jared Jenkins!  They are terribly creative artists!  Korte and Jenkins have been responsible for several other major productions, including GAGA4RENT and HAM4BEY, which features another acquaintance of mine, Jamond McCoy – another epic talent!

Even more mind-blowing, #PURPLE4PRINCE was just featured by TIME magazine on June 07, 2017!  Check out the article! (LINK BELOW)

Bravo to this incredible team of singers and especially to my next-level talented friend, Gregory Fletcher (a.k.a. Milo Bloom)! Buddy, you have a gift from God! Keep lifting it up!

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