So, last winter I was asked by one of my very best friends, Taylor Lockhart, to stand in her wedding as her brides-man…a bit unorthodox, I know, but it was perfect, considering the magnitude of our friendship.  I was…


Milo Bloom is #PURPLE4PRINCE

What words are there to describe the insurmountable beauty of this production?! #PURPLE4PRINCE features an ensemble of mind blowing talent, but I am mainly excited due to the fact that a friend of mine, Gregory Fletcher (a.k.a. Milo Bloom)…



During my senior year of college, going to classes became less like going to school, and it became more like going to a wonderful job that changed and transformed each day, even each hour!  I was doing exactly what…


An Unexpected Surprise

When I came to LA I knew I was in for a lot of surprises, but nothing could have prepared me for what was to come!  It had been about two weeks since I had arrived in one of…


Here By Faith

Yes, it once again has been much too long since my last blog post.  What can I say?  I like to live in the moment, and sometimes those moments keep me from updating the posts on my site!  Anyway,…